Clear the way for innovative ideas and impulses!

Thank Logos! Uranus is moving direct in Aries on January 18, 2022. What journeys have your imagination taken you on over the past six months? Maybe there have been sparks of inspirations, ideas, or impulses in your thinking that you contemplated how?, when?, what?, where?

All those Uranus original, inventive, unique, pioneering, revolutionary imaginations speaking to you through your thoughts, the impulse of the sacred word in Aries where the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Logos dwell. Uranus is connected to the first stage of higher knowing or initiation, called by Rudolf Steiner, Imagination.

Imagine a triad of Cosmic Beings as Uranus (Thinking), Neptune (Feeling), and Pluto (Will). According to Willi Sucher;

As a triad in itself it constitutes a threefoldness similar to that which is contained in other groups, except that it can run in certain cases against that which is “law and order” in the Solar System. Thus Uranus is connected with “ideas” or impulses from the extra-solar world which might disturb at first the “peace” of the Solar universe until they were assimilated.

Sucher, W. “The Drama of the Universe”

Willi Sucher goes on to explain how Uranus may be felt in sudden or unexpected events.

Uranus is also then connected to what is called Manas, or Spirit Self, the transformed human astral nature.

We can think about Uranus in Aries, even in the forehead star of Aries, particularly in relation to thinking itself. The transformation that facilitates imaginative consciousness is the transformation of the consciousness (astral) body, which begins with the transformation of thinking, elevating it to spiritual seeing, or en-light-ened thinking (in light).

Hilton, J.

What is necessary to take the steps to imagining and creating something significant and good? RISK! Aries supports us to follow our inspirations, ideas, or impulses to the end, and Uranus gives them the resourcefulness to overcome any obstacles and limitations.

Uranus also represents FREEDOM, independence, and the reclaiming of freedom through revolution, the unrestrained and dynamic Arian placement allows for quite a transformation! Getting the work done with great efficiency, ability and perseverance is a gift of Aries.

In LIGHT of this gift of Uranus in Aries going direct, who is directing your thinking? Are you willing (Pluto) to feel (Neptune) your thinking (Uranus) transform your consciousness to an elevated spiritual seeing?

The opportunity to revolutionize and reclaim your freedom, peace, and joy, through innovative, imagined, and en-light-ened thinking is offered through the sacred LOGOS (the Word – Aries). Uranus in Aries holds the potential to manifest a brave new reality.

With the way clearing for innovative ideas and impulses, for en-light-ened thinking, are you prepared to open your arms with enthusiasm and self-awareness, to take the first steps and willingly accept this gift of Grace?

In assimilating these new found gifts may peace find you. May your courage, intellect, and creativity be much appreciated and reverently respected.

Warm Blessings,


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