Does beauty exist?

Does beauty exist? Outside of Beauty that pleases individuals? In this writing I ask you to consider beauty as a being. Do we truly see another’s essential nature? This ‘other’ may take many forms, a human being, a stone, a flower, the elements, and so on… Beauty has the capacity to reveal an ‘essential nature’, the true essence of a being. We may wish to consider how much of the others or our own essential nature is hidden? Beauty shows our essential nature.
Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a lecture on Beauty by Daniel Hafner, A Christian Community Priest. These are my shared thoughts and notes from this lecture. As I write to you on this Holy day of Ascension I look to Christ stating “I AM the beautiful Shepherd.” Christ places the welfare, protection and the becoming of other beings in the forefront of his will. The Book of Revelations reveals the process of the present and the future as our essential being may be revealed; our relationship to the Christ.
I asked Daniel in consideration of the Earth and Venus as Beauty, or rather beauty that reveals ones essential true nature? He mentioned Aphrodite (the Greek Name for Venus) and queried ‘who is she/it? Who is it and so too with beauty? Earth is where suffering, isolation and hardness may be experienced. In the overcoming of these through our own will, in our connection with the earth, we may ensure our evolution and the evolution of the earth. In Star Wisdom to align our Mission with the Earths mission works towards this same goal. Beauty is a sensory manifestation, the astral body is a response to sense impressions as they relate to me. In the Sentient Soul it is subjective “I like it”. In the Intellectual Soul it is objective laws in soul composition. In this current time of the Consciousness Soul it is an encounter with a being. How do I encounter this being is it able to reveal its truth? Not impose my own preconceived conditions but enter into it for its own sake.
We see a rebellion – battle against everything to look beautiful. Do we remain simply with the rejection or find a way to allow all that is painful in the world to reveal its essential being- painful but deeply right and meaningful. This may be experienced in music with dissonance, the dissonance, ugliness and pain can be transformative call forth will to transform the ugliness into beauty. To be entirely harmonious without any disruption does not allow essence to shine forth. In many of Rudolf Steiner’s writing we hear of Lucifer and Ahriman. Revealing the essence can help us move forward in our development. “Upon the soul of suffering all beauty rests”, Rudolf Steiner. How may ones thoughts, words, deeds and actions grow to reveal essence? We have Anthroposophy to generate beauty.
On April 23, 2023 the Aurora Corona was seen here in Nova Scotia. What a beautiful sight! I imagine this as a dance of the beings streaming from the Sun meeting with the Beings breathing out from Earth and in their encounter the Beauty of colour and Light reveal a true essence of the being brought forth through this dance.
In the book Aurora, Herald Falck-Ytter has this beautiful offering. The aurora coming into human awareness mirrors the earthly events of Pentecost bearing essential marks of this incident within itself; the colours of the aurora blaze over the earth, recalling the tongues of flame above the Apostles’ heads when they experienced the original Whitsun. He goes on to say that, “Lightning, rainbow and aurora thus mirror the interaction of the Trinity within the earth’s environment. Lightening expresses divine forces from the past, and the sustaining Father God. The rainbow exemplifies the image of the human “I” that finds true expression in Christ. The Holy Spirit is expressed through the activities of the aurora and which reveals an apocalyptic future. The aurora is a unique symbol of our present and our future.” Beauty revealing an essential nature!
May 21, 2023 in the dwelling place of Taurus we have our two luminaries the Sun and the Moon (just new). Taurus is where the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Holy Spirit dwell, We may imagine that the beauty of the Aurora Corona reveals the essential Nature of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Love, Light and Life;
Kassandra Marie

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