Light is Returning

Our two luminaries are both growing in Light Divine at this Holy time of Christmastide. December 21, 2022 was the darkest day of the year, our Winter Solstice. Our Sun luminary, in Sagittarius, has rested for 3 days and now begins growing in Holy Light Divine. On this day of December 23, 2022 we have a New Moon in Sagittarius. The Light is returning as the Moon and Sun today both begin growing in Holy Light Divine.

Rudolf Steiner offers us this; The Moon, which enshrines the Beings living in strict seclusion, and reflects only what is first radiated to it from the universe, builds and fashions the outer form, the body of man. It is therefore by the Moon that the forces of heredity are incorporated in his bodily constitution. The Moon is the cosmic citadel of those spiritual Beings who, in complete seclusion, muse upon what is transmitted in the stream of heredity flowing from generation to generation by way of the physical.
The Sun is the individuality in whom the element of necessity in destiny and the element of human freedom interweave in a most wonderful way. And no-one can understand what is contained in the flaming brilliance of the Sun unless he is able to behold this interweaving life of destiny and freedom in the light which spreads out into the universe and concentrates again in the solar warmth

Steiner, R.

The Moon and Suns Light returning simultaneously, in Sagittarius, which is the dwelling space of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Archai (Spirits of Personality), is quite heart warming! The Archai passed through the human stage of Primal Beginnings during the humanity of Saturn. They built their whole bodies from warmth and fire. In the early stages of this Saturn phase an inner warmth was felt and was met with an outer warmth at the later stages of this Saturn phase. Warmth in its higher condition brings Light. This globe of Light created by the Archai became the Sun, where now the Archangels have come forth. I find it interesting that Saturn now sits in Capricorn, which is the dwelling place of the Archangels, offering its cosmic memory of great warmth, during this time of darkness, providing us the opportunity to understand the dark. Can we find the warmth in the darkness inwardly and outwardly?

The Sun, creates harmony between the liberating and the destiny-determining planets. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn may be called the liberating planets; they give man freedom. On the other hand, Venus, Mercury and the Moon may be called the destiny-determining planets. We can grasp the nature of the Sun only when we know something of its nature of spirit and soul. In that realm it is the power which imbues with warmth the element of necessity in destiny, resolves destiny into freedom in its flame, and if freedom is misused, condenses it once more into its own active substance. The Sun is as it were the flame in which freedom becomes a luminous reality in the universe; and at the same time the Sun is the substance in which, as condensed ashes, misused freedom is moulded into destiny — until destiny itself can become luminous and pass over into the flame of freedom.

Steiner, R.

Currently we have Venus, Mercury the Sun and the Moon all within Sagittarius. Is this an opportunity to work with the destiny determining planets, with the Sun interweaving destiny and freedom in its Holy flame?

The Moon in its 12 lunar months, of its Lunar year, holds 354 days. The Sun in its Solar year holds 366 days (365 – 1/4 ). The 12 Holy Nights in between the Lunar year and the Solar year (December 24 – January 4) offer us an opportunity to understand the darkness in a globe of Light and warmth from our two luminaries of the Sun, and the Moon reflecting the Light of the Sun as well as the blessings of the Universe!

Darkness is not simply the absence of Light, its holds its own teachings. In the silence and willingness to BE with the darkness, feel the warmth of our own inner Light, we hold the gift of resolving destiny into freedom in its flame.

Merry CHRISTmas to all and to all a good night!

In loving gratitude and warmth,


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