Mars “Planet of Conscious Will”

Mars becomes visible! December 17, 2021, I am excited to see what Mars brings from the depths of the Scorpion/Eagle (8 degrees Scorpio/Eagle), the dwelling place of the Elohim/Exusiai, the Spirits of Form; the creators and leaders of all earthly evolution!. What truths and secrets will be revealed that the dark forces have consciously expressed in the world? How will humanity be gifted the ‘conscious will’ to move forward in their earthly evolution?

There are some that continue to hold the energy of Mars as warrior, militant, anger, disease, plague. I postulate we raise Mars up into the higher version of its self.

“Whereas in earlier times Mars was said to be the planet of warlike traits, it is now the Buddha’s task gradually to transform these warlike traits in such a way that they become the foundation of the sense for freedom and independence needed in the present age. Whereas nowadays men have the tendency to surrender their sense of freedom and succumb to the fetters of public opinion, on Mars between death and rebirth they will strive to throw off these fetters and not bring them again into life on earth when they return to new incarnations.

The Eagle

What does the Eagle wish to raise up from the Scorpion in the human ego (higher “I”)?

“The Spirits of Form work from the Sun; and so the element of Light is the principle means whereby they manifest their influence. When the human ego passes rightly through its evolution, it to strives towards spiritual Light. The image of this striving is given in the flying eagle , soaring upwards, as high as possible, so it may fully inhale streams of Sun-saturated air. The egotistically – inclined ego as an altogether different relationship to the spiritual Light. It hates and avoids it. The relationship is reflected outwardly in the image of the Scorpion which fears, and always hides from, the Light. And if it should find itself in the sunlight and has no chance of hiding from it, it will bring its own life to an end biting itself.”

Prokofieff, The Twelve Holy Nights and the Spiritual Hierarchies

I feel Mars emerging from the depths of the Scorpion/Eagle will bring forth to humanity, the earth, the foundation of the sense for freedom and independence by exposing/revealing the dark secrets and truths that have been buried, hidden in the depths of darkness, raising them into the Light by the Eagle flying into the stream of Sun-saturated air. We see this in small pockets of communities holding onto their freedom and independence, remaining patient and faithful that ‘this to shall pass’. In the moment the Scorpion is exposed to the Light, no longer able to hide from it, it will bring its own life to an end biting itself. When finally the spell is broken, a major change in attitude occurs.

Mars prominent in becoming visible brings us the opportunity to spiritualize our expressions, supporting the major change being asked of all of us at this time in our world..

“You can look upon the old propensity as an enemy to be vanquished. And every time you are successful in diverting the energy of the primitive desire into a more spiritualized type of expression, you can feel the thrill of a victory and the glow of a hero who has vanquished his adversary. The more joy you get from the victory, the greater assurance you may have that similar victories will follow in the future.”

Scorpio and the Sovereign

There is a sextile with Saturn asking us to be patient and very practical, very organized. Saturn is described here by Rudolf Steiner;

“Those who have a particular inclination towards Saturn in earthly existence are people who like to be gazing always into the past, who are opposed to progress, who ever and again want to bring back the past. These indications give some idea of the individuality, the individual character, of Saturn.”

Rudolf Steiner

Mars working happily with Saturn asks us to work actively for social realization. And if this is done very devotedly plans may be realized and successful. So the time is at hand to do the work out of our own conscious will with loving authority!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless us everyone!


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