Whitsuntide….The Sun Meets Jupiter Before Taurus!

I am writing to you on this weekend of Whitsuntide and when the Sun meets Jupiter in Taurus (The Spiritual Hierarchies of The Holy Spirit), the Sun strengthening Jupiter’s radiating wisdom into our ‘will’… 

Festival celebrations are an opportunity to look back to that which we have come from, witnessing the evolution of humanity, and with the same vision look forward to the future. Rudolf Steiner offers this regrading festival celebrations, “Feelings are awakened which lend us the enthusiasm to live on into the future, and inspire our wills with strength so to work that we may grow ever more and more adequate for our future tasks. It is with this backward and forward vision that we become able to describe, in the deeper sense of the word, the nature of the Whitsun festival.”

Whitsuntide holds the picture of the “tongues of fire” which descend upon the head of each of the disciples, a tremendous vision reveals to them what the future of this Christ Impulse is to be.

Let us now consider the interpretation of these pictures in their deepest esoteric Christian meaning.—The Spirit, also rightly named the Holy Spirit—for so he is—sent his forces down to the earth in the first descent to the earth of Christ Jesus. He next manifested himself when Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. Now, once again, this same Spirit, in another form, in the form of many single, shining, fiery tongues, descended upon each single individual of the first Christian believers.

When we understand the Whitsun festival as a festival, not only of that moment, but of the future as well, then there is magically brought before our spiritual eyes the expectancy of receiving the Holy Spirit

To this end did the Holy Spirit pour itself in individualised form into each single human soul, so that each one might develop the power, in itself, to feel the Christ Impulse. Then for such a soul the word becomes new: “I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

Rudolf Steiner

What are the true riches, abundance that we reap from this star called Earth, from the World? The magic of this weekend with the Sun meeting Jupiter before Taurus (The Spiritual Hierarchies of The Holy Spirit), is an opportunity for our spiritual eyes to be strengthened by the Sun, filled with Jupiter’s radiating wisdom, wisdom that rays out into our limbs, into our will. We are filled with the Holy Spirit , and in our assured hope of freedom and eternity, we feel the individualized spirit awakening in our souls; the endlessness of the spirit. I imagine Jupiter supports the expansion of the Holy Spirit descending into our souls, the Spirit of the Sun. Thus, we receive and we give abundantly in a living relationship with the World, sowing and reaping a harvest of Love and Freedom on this star called Earth.

I leave you with this from Rudolf Steiner;
“A Whitsun thought, handed on from epoch to epoch, in the words which to-day for the first time sound forth exoterically:

Being is ranged by Being in the widths of Space,
Being follows on Being in the courses of Time,
Remain’st thou in widths of Space, in courses of Time,
Then art thou, 0 man, in the passing world alone.
But above them with power thy soul itself upraises
When, divining or knowing, it beholds what passes not;
Beyond the widths of Space, beyond the courses of Time!”

Rudolf Steiner

Many benevolent joy filled abundant blessings to you all! May we all be blessed with deeper spiritual sight of truth, beauty, goodness, love and warmth carried into our future vision and tasks.

In loving warmth,

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