Who AM I?

Welcome! If I could hear the Stars what would they share with me? If the Stars could hear me what would I share with them? Do I have the ears to hear their blessings, their offerings? How may I clearly communicate and learn from these Divine Counterparts? How may I best share and serve these Holy Divine Beings with the wisdoms imparted upon me?

Often we ask the question what is education, what is learning, how is knowledge and wisdom connected to who I AM? Who Am I in my learning? What is the most effective way for me to learn, to evolve? You are not alone support is at hand!

In my imagination education is the content of shared knowledge and wisdom, where learning is the practical parts of how the education is delivered, imbued with Spiritual Science, ‘living learning’. Home Education Consulting and The Stars Speak bring this content and ‘living learning’, Spiritual Science, at the developmentally appropriate level for children at their age and adults’ at their stage in their biography.

Home education consulting (https://homeeducationconsultant.com/) offers varying levels of support;

  • On-site In-home learning with Ms. Kassandra;
  • Home education consulting with families, where I may support the families with age appropriate content for their children visa vie; lesson plans, daily rhythm planning and content planning (plus individual family resources which may be discerned through a conversation);
  • Counselling for therapeutic self-discovery; I feel education is a point of departure for healing, in cooperation with therapeutic healing practitioners, and a good Astrologer.
  • In working closely with Star Wisdom (Astrosophy) and new Astrology (https://thestarspeak.com/) some families have requested me to prepare for them their children’s, as well as their own, natal astrology chart, to illuminate Divine counterparts that supported their birth and are prepared to help them navigate through life! In your everyday life you may learn to navigate through victories and trials, supporting your children in their becoming and finding one’s place in the world.

Thank you for connecting. To find out more details please visit the two websites cited above. You may reach me through the contact pages on the websites. Please consider subscribing to receive immediate notification of shared wisdom on blog postings.

Warmly, Kassandra

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