charts and reading

In working with your astrology chart I use sidereal astrology, looking up in the sky in real time you see the planet or star in its true current constellation.  I also work with Astrosophy, Star-Wisdom offering an opportunity to consciously unite the human being to the Divine starry cosmos. These “New Astrology” Readings offer a capacity for expression of the ‘whole’ Human Being in a Spiritual Science. A living relationship is nurtured through an artistic experience and imagination that may inspire a renewed awareness to your destiny path, your mission. As part of your reading you will create artistic imaginations, drawings, for the soul to integrate the fresh new perspective awakened within.

what is a unique cosmic inheritance…

A unique cosmic inheritance (UCI) is a glimpse, a snapshot, of where all the planets, constellations, asteroids, stars, spiritual hierarchies, are in the cosmos at the moment of something incarnated, birthed, conceived, or crossing over the threshold (otherwise spoken of as death).

What gives a glimpse of our potentials at the moment of our physical birth in this life? A Unique Cosmic Inheritance often referred to as your “Natal Birth Chart”.  A UCI Chart reading is a deep, intricate and detailed look at who you are, what your life looks like, your strengths, weaknesses, alliance’s, and challenges you may face/need to overcome in this life to move through karmic deeds.

A human being, an idea, a business, etc… all hold an opportunity to unite with the cosmos, the spiritual world supporting and challenging this birth.   How do you know what’s the best for you if you don’t know who you are?  Individuals who embark on unifying with their UCI bring an awakened insight to their mission on earth.

sidereal or tropical?

Sidereal is what I prefer to look at in someones chart. I like this method because it is the true visible sky. When you look up in the sky for instance you may see Saturn shining brightly in Capricorn. In Tropical you would be told according to mathematical calculations, Saturn is in Aquarius.

Now you may ask what does that mean for me? Which do I resonate with? Imagine you are feeling very earthbound, you feel the density of the earth, the space between the moon and the earth is primarily where your focus is, this maybe where tropical astrology would best meet the individual.

Human Beings as Spiritual Beings, are a microcosm of the macrocosm, holding this imagination, while grounded, you stream your feelings outward into the cosmos, to the stars, universe as a whole, here is where sidereal may best meet the individual.

size of the constellations…

In the visible sky sidereal astrology, I like to use the actual size of the zodiac signs. For example, Virgo one of the largest constellations takes up 1294 sq. degrees, where as Libra takes up 538 sq. degrees. So you can see a planet travelling through Virgo takes much longer then it would travelling through Libra.

Another unique aspect I bring to chart readings is my study of Astrosophy (Star Wisdom). We look at the Human Being standing on earth, utilizing these earthly realms to unfold individual initiatives through their deeds on earth, expressing the individual Human Being. In this way we take back humanity and dignity with the Human Being standing upon the earth. This is an offering of even deeper Spiritual content that can illuminate the Spiritual Hierarchies working with you in support of your mission…

It is for these very unique reasons above,
why you are here,
and wishing for support in your chart!
I can help, with ‘New Astrology’!

Enjoy a Living Relationship to the ‘whole’ human being with
‘New Astrology’!