A Celebration of Leonardo da Vinci !

One of many beloved individulaities that incarnated upon earth during the Renaissance was Leonardo da Vinci on April 14, 1452 (Julian time). Leonardo was embodied upon earth until he crossed the threshold on May 2, 1519. At the time of an individuals birth or crossing, holding them in our hearts with good thoughts may bring an impression from across the threshold from the personality of that individual. “Goethe points out how, if we allow the lives written by earlier biographers to work upon us, we receive an impression that in Leonardo a personality appears to mankind, working everywhere with a fresh life force, contemplating life joyfully and working joyously on life, taking up everything with love, with a tremendous thirst for knowledge desiring to grasp everything fresh in soul, and fresh in body.Results of Spiritual Investigation, Rudolf Steiner.

Today being May 2, I woke up thinking of our dear soul Leonardo. I looked at his natal birth chart to recall the extensive notes I have on his incredible and in depth gifts he delivered during the Age of Jupiter. Here are but a very few sharing’s of wisdoms from a remarkable individual.

At the time of Leonardo’s incarnation the 5th Atlantean Age was just beginning. Leonardo brings a culturally created impulse into that time. He incarnated with a powerful Jupiter impulse standing before Aquarius very close to his Moon also standing before Aquarius in the 3rd house of education, communication, schooling, siblings, mother tongue. This offers the power of the question? The power of the search for meaning? He was, and still is I feel, a leading individuality of his and this time of the consciousness soul. Leonardo was very much self-educated, a part of the consciousness soul. Mars also stands in the 3rd house however, Mars is standing before Capricorn, where Mars is exalted. Mars brings a relentlessness in his pursuit of knowledge, carefully contemplated with a compulsion to know. Jupiter brings incredible enthusiasm ‘out of activity’. The Moon brings the asking of many questions, capacity to form pictures, creativity and imagination. Rudolf Steiner remarked on the self portrait of Leonardo da Vinci – “We feel the genius of humanity itself looking at us.” Leonardo was interested in knowing for the love of knowing. He worked hard for every bit of knowledge in his self education – he explored the world, his laboratory was the world itself, he collaborated and interacted socially with many. Leonardo was also a musician he had created a hand built lyre made in the shape of a horses head – he played the lyre as well.

Leonard’s ascendant, who was on the horizon when he took his first breath, was Sagittarius at 5 degrees on the Galactic Centre. He was interested in everything to do with the whole of creation.

At his zenith, the top of his chart, his mission if you will, is Virgo (the dwelling of the Spiritual Hierarchies the Kyriotetes, the Spirits of Wisdom). Serving a Spiritual being Sophia, Cosmic Wisdom – Isis-Sophia wisdom of God. This manifests in the way of awakening himself to the whole of the mysteries of wisdom. Saturn is also in Virgo at 27 degrees close to the Star ‘Spica’ bringing the fruit of what the Sophia is bearing. Saturn offers cosmic memory, the origin of things, asking the question, “What is the origin of wisdom for all people?” Uranus standing before Cancer in his 8th house offers genius and is very liberating for him. Leonardo was not satisfied with superficial answers or information, he wanted to know a deeper wisdom. With his 4th house of home hosting Pisces he held a striving to become a true human being out of true freedom and love. Of course the Sun stood in his 5th house standing before Aries, where the Sun is exalted, the house of creativity, talents, artistry, love and affection, children. Between Uranus (8th house), the Sun and Mercury (5th house) here we see the genius shine through in his paintings. Rudolf Steiner adds that, “Leonardo was full of life.”

There is so much more to Leonardo da Vinci’s birth chart; in the relationships of the planetary beings and placements of the planetary beings, however I will leave you with this; the inferior conjunction between Mercury and the Sun to the Earth point is likened to a seeding, a culmination phase bearing fruit for all future generations. God bless you Leonardo what you have planted and shared with us all, that which continues to bear fruit now and for all future generations, grazie!

With loving warmth,

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