Happiest New Year!

In these first two weeks of our Gregorian calendar year of 2024 I feel like I am finally evolving from the Holy mantle of 2023 ready for the ‘descending’ Holy mantle of 2024! The weight of 2023 was quite heavily upon me as it drew nearer to its end, thank God for the Magi-ck of Christmas, the Holy days and Holy nights to bring hope, faith, love and warmth to a weary soul. How did you feel at the last quarter of 2023?

With so many planets retrograde during the last quarter of 2023 we can find some relief of re-evaluating much in our lives and the world streaming towards us, that now some semblance of stabilization draws near. Uranus is the last of the planetary retrogrades of 2023 to go direct on January 27, 2024. Then, full steam ahead, all planetary friends are in direct motion until early April 2024. Our dear friend Mercury will go retrograde on April 1, 2024 – April 24, 2024 in Aries (The Spiritual Hierarchy of Logos, Mystical Lamb).

The Sun (the expression of the entire human being) is preparing later this week to enter into Capricorn (The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Archangels, Spirits of Fire) . What new realities will be supported for you, as the Sun, between now and the end of March (Easter Weekend March 29 – 31, 2024), illuminates the three signs of Capricorn (The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Archangels, Spirits of Fire) , Aquarius (The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Angels, Spirits of Life ) and Pisces (The Spiritual Hierarchy of Human Beings, Spirits of Freedom and Love) ?

On April 8th there is a total solar eclipse running right through North America, running from southwest to north east. At this time all planets except for Pluto will be in the three signs of Aquarius (The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Angels, Spirits of Life ), Pisces (The Spiritual Hierarchy of Human Beings, Spirits of Freedom and Love) and Aries (The Spiritual Hierarchy of Logos, Mystical Lamb). Steiner summarizes that Aquarius (Waterman) is the ‘human being in balance, universal wisdom’, in Pisces ‘the event becomes destiny’, and in Aries ‘the event, thinking’. Depending on which astrological houses these all dwell in for you and/or how they are in relationship to your natal placement planets may be a point of departure on how to navigate and prepare now, as we have all planets direct, for this coming time in April. In my star wisdom chart all these planets are dancing about my 9th, 10th and 11th houses at the top of my chart! I also have the distinct pleasure of the blessings of Saturn and Jupiter as they are both in their return stages of my birth/natal chart. If you would like more guidance for your own individual chart please reach out to me for a star wisdom chart reading.

Maybe these virtues of the zodiacal heavenly beings can give you a key to unlock your gifts and blessings;
Capricorn “striving” Courage becomes Power to Redeem
Aquarius “To Know” Discretion leads to strength of mind
Pisces “Destiny” Magnanimity becomes Love
Aries “Thinking” Devotion leads to the Power to Sacrifice

April 8, 2024; Total Solar Eclipse
Saturn and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius
Neptune, Venus, Moon, and Sun in Pisces
Mercury r (0 degrees Aries), Uranus and Jupiter close conjunction (exact on April 20, 2024) in Aries
Pluto is in Capricorn

The ‘thinking’ planets are all in “thinking” Aries! Aries also brings aspiration, idealism, pioneering and ambition. You may entertain the imagination of Uranus as the grandfather of Jupiter (Zeus) and Mercury the coordinator of the thinking. Uranus and Jupiter is a rare conjunction and has not happened in roughly 14 years! The last time they met was 2011. Uranus offers freedom, independence, new viewpoints, genius, and inspiration—gets uniquely magnified by Jupiter, the planet of all things abundance, expansion, wisdom for our life’s tasks and good fortune. Whenever Jupiter and Uranus meet, we can expect to feel a surge of innovative ideas, intuitive hunches, and the desire to create a new reality for ourselves.
Steiner offers this, Mercury is the domain of the Masters of co-ordinative thinking; Jupiter, the habitation of the Masters of wisdom-filled thinking“, Uranus may be connected to the first stage of higher knowing or initiation, called by Rudolf Steiner, Imagination. What if we consider a devotion to our Higher Spiritual Self, having the Power to sacrifice selfhood and reflective brain thinking with the courage and Power to redeem and through this possess the discretion that leads to strength of mind and courageous spirit that becomes Love, Love for ourselves and others, Love in brotherhood?

Aries with its curved ram horns is an image itself of the brain and the thinking that developed as brain-bound reflective thinking. Thus with Uranus in Aries, we have a choice. It can be depicted in the image below. The old symbol for Aries is the curving downward thrust, leading us into the world of selfhood and reflective brain thinking. The new symbol can be seen as the same, yet, with the direction of the thrust from the bottom point outward and up again to a new thinking out of the spiritual self, which penetrates behind the veil of the senses to the logos of the world.

Jonathan Hilton

The end of March holds the sacred time of Easter where we may bear witness to these spiritual blessings through the Holy Christ, a true act of Love.
* Will you rise up and receive the blessings of our Holy Divine Cosmic family and with good thoughts, good words and good deeds let Love penetrate you and radiate from you?
* Will you courageously raise your thinking to a new spiritual thinking?
* Will you sacrifice the old thinking, old social forms, old concept of the self and transform your thinking into the new?
It is only in this way that truly new answers will come to address the human and social issues of the present and future.
* How will you begin to strive in redeeming your thinking, strengthen your mind so that the events in your life become destiny?
Be especially prepared to raise and spiritualize your thinking, as you do, watch doors open in front of your eyes.

May God bless you on your journey!

With Loving Warmth, Kassandra

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