Mars Stands Before Aquarius ~

Eclipse Season is upon us!  Later this week I will write more regarding the Lunar Eclipse on March 24-25, 2024 on the Virgo / Pisces axis!

This week we have Mars now in Aquarius sustaining our Aquarius atmosphere. Mid-week the Vernal Equinox (Spring Equinox) and Venus and Saturn who have been in Aquarius for a bit now, will meet (conjunct) mid-week just after the Vernal Equinox!  Spring is coming!

Let’s chat about the Aquarius atmosphere.  Aquarius is the dwelling space of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Angels, Spirits of Life.  The virtue Aquarius offers is “to know”, discretion that leads to strength of mind, allowing the human being through universal wisdom to restore to balance.  Mars coming into the atmosphere of Aquarius brings us the opportunity to now have the courage and will to accomplish deeds, the power of self-expression, and Mars also works with speech.

Mars in Aquarius offers universal wisdom in support of good/ennobled speech.  The spoken Word of the Angels, Words that sustain Life and Love.  Saturn offers us discipline, clear boundaries, ‘conscience’ as a guiding force, patience, perseverance and structure.  Venus offers ‘quality of heart’, the ability to listen, confidence, our feeling for others, soul to soul expression, Love. 

In Aquarius we may contemplate who is thinking us?  Where do our thoughts come from?  The Angels, Spirits of Life, are the closest Hierarchy to human beings, we may consider part of Rudolf Steiner’s brilliant gifts to the world inAngelology-the science of Angels or spiritual beings, whom the ancients called the “gods”- to its determinative role in both cosmology (the science of the world’s becoming) and anthropology (the science of human beings in their becoming)” Christopher Bamford.

Mars in Aquarius offers us the courage and will to accomplish deeds, the power of self-expression, consciously awakened good speech in our soul to soul expression, with a quality of heart and the strength of mind to listen to our good inner guidance of universal wisdom restoring balance to our daily lives where Heaven and Earth meet!
What is your inner visionary calling for? 

Here’s to having the good will to plant good seeds, good words and good deeds for your Spirit of Life!

With Love and Good Will,

2 thoughts on “Mars Stands Before Aquarius ~”

  1. Thanks for your message of wisdom and hope! How delightful to imagine Aquarius as the visited constellation at the moment. Would this be visible in the morning I wonder?

    1. Thank you Margaret. Yes! Mars is to the upper right of Venus, as Venus drops lower each morning Mars climbs higher, but slower. Mars rises about an hour before the Sun at the start of this month but near the end of the month will be approximately seven minutes before Sun rise in the ESE.

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