“Shared Wisdoms” May Day, Beltane, May 1!

Dear friends, the many blessings and forms in which transformation has taken place for me has left me somewhat tired and in need of rest. This post may not be as in depth as others, my apologies.

May 1st, called Beltane by the ancients, is the second Cross-Quarter Day on the wheel of the year. It resides between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, which marks a joyful festival of growth and fertility, heralding the promise of Summer.
Beltane means ‘Good Fire’ or ‘Bel-fire’, named after the solar deity Belenus – “Bright and Brilliant Regenerator”, “Protective Shepherd”, “The Fiercely Shining One”, a Pan-Celtic solar god, who was also known to be a rainbow rayed healer associated with curative springs. I look forward to our celebration of Beltane, however that may manifest…

I loved while teaching in Waldorf Schools how we celebrated ‘May Day’ by having the children learn joy filled songs, Maypole Dances, create flower crowns made from woven willow branches and flowers from family properties. We would dance around the Maypole, which from its crown, glided delicate ribbons of rainbow colours for us to weave our special song around the Maypole with our dance of delight. Often I could imagine the Divine Fairy Spirits gaily joining us in our song and dance. Afterwards we would all sit upon our dear Mother Earth, enjoying the abundant fruits of her blessings in a picnic luncheon with the rays of the Sun streaming warmth upon us, and the dome of the cosmos glimmering in the distance and in our hearts. What a lovely memory!

Rudolf Steiner, when lecturing about the Mystery Schools, speaks of this time as being ruled by the Mercurial Archangel Raphael, who holds the caduceus and brings healing in his wings.

Making a wish while washing your face in the morning dew is a wonderful feeling and way to begin your celebration. Lighting a fire is customary at Beltane, and traditionally it was composed of wood from nine sacred trees. On Beltane Eve all hearth or house fires were extinguished and then rekindled from the sacred “need fires” lit on Beltane. People would leap through the flames and drive their cattle through them for purification, fertility, prosperity and protection.

In 2022 I wrote a detailed blog about this precious day to celebrate, please read here. https://thestarspeak.com/cross-quarter-day-beltane/

Thank you for coming to visit and ‘share wisdoms’.

In loving warmth,

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