Grandfather and Grandson of ‘Wisdom Filled Thinking’

Today, April 20, 2024 grandfather Uranus meets grandson Jupiter (Zeus). On January 15, 2024 I wrote in my blog “Happiest New Year!” some details of this meeting standing before Aries (The Spiritual Hierarchy of Logos, Mystical Lamb) today, please read through.

Today I will add a little more… I have been sharing nuggets of cosmic wisdoms that may serve you on this rare occasion on my Instagram account @cosmicwisdoms_12.

Mars is currently standing before Pisces (The Spiritual Hierarchy of Human Beings, Spirits of Freedom and Love) and will sextile this Jupiter / Uranus conjunction (meeting) standing before Aries. This sextile with Mars offers us support to take action that is more soul and spiritually fulfilling. Mars can help us take action in support of attaining these benefits; transforming the direction of our thinking, wisdom filled thinking, genius, visions of the future, independence to expand into the future, aspirations, ideals, of new initiatives, pioneering ‘the new heaven and the new earth’.
However, if we are feeling a little lost, unfulfilled, and uncertain about our lives we may wish to ask ourselves, “Is my thinking aligned with my soul and spiritual nature?” “How then may I transform my thinking, my actions, so that it is fully aligned with my spirit and soul?”
Along with Mercury retrograde asking us to re- everything, take a moment to reflect (you may need quite a few moments, and that’s ok), step back Reconnect with your soul and spirit. With Pisces we have gifts of receptivity, if you are feeling lost at sea, this step back, these moments of reflection may be just what is needed to receive the clair-thinking that could re-align us with soul and spirit.

Actions that are flowing well, suggests we are aligned with our spirit and soul, when we are not fully aligned is when we may feel lost, disconnected from our soul and spirit. Mars standing before Pisces offers us the opportunity to actively receive, while sextiling Jupiter/ Uranus’ meeting, may present us with new exciting initiatives to spring into action with and so much more.

The Moon standing before Virgo (The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Kyriotetes, Spirits of Wisdom) over the weekend may help to ground our soul and spiritually received transformations by way of the service we provide upon the earth, in our day to day lives, in practical and organized ways…

Pluto standing before Capricorn (The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Archangels, Spirits of Fire) will be squaring up to the Sun in Aries this weekend assisting in letting go, transforming the old ego and clearing the way for the new. There may be feelings of helplessness, needing to detach from situations and maybe some fear. Daily positive affirmations may serve us well to support these transitions and transformations.

Maybe these virtues of the zodiacal heavenly beings can give you a key to unlock your
gifts and blessings;
Capricorn “Striving” Courage becomes Power to Redeem
Pisces “Destiny” Magnanimity becomes Love
Aries “Thinking” Devotion leads to the Power to Sacrifice

What masks do we wear, what deceptions need to be released, where and/or who are we giving our power away to that is prompting us to take back our power and be our authentic higher human nature?

Here we can take back our Power, align with our spirit and soul and be the change we wish to see in the world as our higher human nature rises, giving us the impetus in freedom to confidently receive our gifts and take action in service to the world!

Observe this meeting of Jupiter (grandson) and Uranus (grandfather) in the evening, low above the western horizon, just after sunset. This conjunction will be better seen from the Northern Hemisphere; Jupiter and Uranus will be very low in the sky. I like to say a little prayer to our cosmic friends for their help and support.

With warmth and Love,

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