‘A Spirit of Hope’ Christmas Conference of 1923/24

As we quickly approach the 100th anniversary of the ‘Christmas Conference’ for the founding of the world-wide Anthroposophical Society, I thought it time to visit the ‘Steiner’ library shelf and clarify to myself what it is we are remembering, even celebrating. Reading an introduction by George Adams, (one of Rudolf Steiner’s favourite English translators), in the 1957 edition of ‘The Foundation Stone’, I find just what I was looking for. George attended this meeting with 700 to 800 people from around the world, in Dornach, Switzerland.

Looking back, New Year’s Eve of 1922-23, was the disastrous fire which burnt down the First Goetheanum. Then over-looking its charred ruins, the Christmas Conference took place December 25,1923-January 1,1924. It aimed to establish a ‘world-wide spiritual movement, founded in esoteric life and yet in keeping with the character of the present age’.(G. Adams) The ground for the ‘Laying of the Foundation Stone’ of this conference is, in Rudolf Steiner’s words, ‘our own hearts are the proper soil-our hearts in their harmonious co-operation, in their goodwill, imbued with love, to work together in carrying the anthroposophical will and purpose through the world. This can ray out to us as a reminder and an exhortation from the Light of Thought which will at all times be ready to ray forth from the dodecahedral Stone of Love, planted in our hearts today.’ These words spoken on Christmas morning describe a given mantric verse which unites the human being in its threefoldness with Divine spiritual beings.
Worlds are contained in these words. A cosmic gift! The ‘Foundation Stone’/ ‘The Stone of Love.’
Crystalline forces for re-birth at the time of Christmas….Light Divine, Christ-Sun!

One hundred years ago and a day, the conference concludes with these words ‘
‘And so my dear friends, bear out with you into the world your warm hearts in whose soil you have laid the Foundation Stone for the Anthroposophical Society, bear out with you your warm hearts in order to do work in the world that is strong in healing….
And we shall see that if we show ourselves to be worthy, then a good star will shine over that which is willed from here. My dear friends, follow this good star. We shall see whither the gods shall lead us through the light of this star.’

(Rudolf Steiner)

By Margaret Osmond

The Foundation Stone Meditation — given by Rudolf Steiner during the meeting for the re-founding of the Anthroposophical Society at Christmas, 1923, in Dornach, Switzerland.

My deepest gratitude to Rudolf Steiner, The Spirit of Hope, Brian Gray and to Margaret Osmond for their contributions to this sharing and their warmth Love.

Christmastide blessings and loving warmth to all.
God Bless, Kassandra

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