A Primordial Polarity

May 18, 2022 Neptune in Pisces at 5° is having a conversation closely (conjunct) with Mars who is also in Pisces at 5°; 6° away at 11° Pisces is Jupiter within earshot of this conversation and will speak directly with Mars when he visits Jupiter (they will be at exact conjunction) on May 28 and 29th, 2022 (I will write more about the Mars / Jupiter conjunction later this week). Spiritual Hierarchies hosting these conversations in Pisces would be the Spirits of Love and Freedom, the Tenth Hierarchy, of True Human Being. Water is a catalyst for life and many other Divine gifts of Grace. Fire (warmth) supports metamorphosis. We find ourselves with great beings of water (Neptune)and fire (Mars), a primordial polarity in its own right, meeting in our celestial bosom of Pisces, a zodiac being associated with water, a catalyst for true love and freedom. The number 11 in numerology is a master number which indicates perfect alignment divinely guided by the cosmos. When we see this number 11 appear, it means we are in the right place at the right time. One glance at the clock at either 11:11 or 1:11 elicits an immediate inner knowing (I quickly cast a wish out to the Celestial Spiritual Beings). When these master numbers appear in our astrological calculations, it give us clues about the cosmic energy which surround and influence us. Jupiter at 11° may be the present cosmic influence that propelled me to begin writing this (along with a dear friend who just listened to my download). Rudolf Steiner offers this about Jupiter:

Jupiter gives a living portrayal of what is connected with him in the cosmic present. But what Jupiter reveals to the eye of spirit must be grasped with thoughtful intelligence. If a man does not himself make efforts to develop his capacities of thinking, he cannot, even if he is clairvoyant, approach the mysteries of Jupiter, for they are revealed in the form of thoughts and can be approached only through a genuine activity of thinking. Jupiter is the Thinker in our universe. When efforts to bring clarity of thought to bear upon some weighty problem of existence are unsuccessful because of physical, etheric, and especially astral hindrances, the Jupiter Beings come to the help of mankind. A man who has tried hard to apply clear thinking to some problem but cannot get to the root of it, will find, if he is patient and works inwardly at it, that the Jupiter powers will actually help him during the night. And many a one who has found a better solution for some problem during the night, as though out of dream, than during the previous day, would have to admit, if he knew the truth, that it is the Jupiter powers who imbue human thinking with mobility
and vigour.

Rudolf Steiner

Question to ponder “Stones, the Mineral Kingdom, living or dead?”

Today I began working with 12 year old students learning Minerology! Living in Nova Scotia we began with our own geography speaking to the North and South Mountains and what differences and similarities they hold in there mineral content. I had the students experience and deeply connect with 11 stones, which I respectfully and reverently relocated to my home. These stones were varying in their constitutions. As I spoke to the the reverence to behold these beings as bones of our dear Mother, one of my students offered this invocation she learned from a shaman to work closer with the stones! This was beautiful, such respect, reverence and responsibility offered by this student was glorious! I felt instantly we were on the right path. Interesting the North Mountain is believed to have formed during the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a portion of a gigantic flood basalt and intrusive complex along the east coast of USA, Europe, northwest Africa, and South America with a diameter of 4,000 kilometers. When I first heard this I immediately thought the ring of ATLANTIS! The “Balancing Rock” picture you see in the featured image is a column basalt fragment of North Mountain near Digby Nova Scotia. The South Mountain range is also known as the South Mountain Batholith, the largest body of granitoid rocks in the entire Appalachians and comprises both granite barrens and granite uplands.

The study continued with the “Primordial Polarity” two archetypes of the mineral kingdom, granite and limestone.

Granite Rocks Nova Scotia

Goethe wrote the following about primeval rocks; “Every path into an unknown mountain range confirms the ancient wisdom that the highest peaks and the deepest rock formations are made of granite. This rock type is different from all other rocks in that it forms the foundation of our earth on which all other rock formations rest. It gives the earth inner form, stability and structure. It rests within the earth’s metabolic system and forms the earths backbone, which extends into to such great height that its peaks were never submerged in water.”

We have Granite (Igneous rock – of volcanic origin) as one pole and Limestone (Sedimentary rock – settling and layering)) as the other pole with Metamorphic (transitional) in between. Granite is our primary archetype to explore with for this writing. Granite has a gritty texture and many speckles upon its face… These tiny black flicks are Mica, it has a shiny, glassy appearance similar to Obsidian. In Ancient Russia they used to create sheets of glass from Mica to cover the window openings, it kept out the cold but the glass was not as clear as the modern glass we have today. Mica has a leafing and layering substance. Mica metamorphosis into plant-based deposits such as coal and oil (slate and shale), related to the Plant Kingdom.

We exam closely again our Granite and find grayish crystals, this is Quartz with a six-fold symmetry in their facets. Gold (a connection with the Sun) finds an affinity to these Quartz veins. Quartz is made mostly of Silica, other than Oxygen Silica is the most abundant element on earth. The sand on our beaches, our river beds, and our windows (glass-silica heated at a very high temperature then cooled), is mostly quartz/silica. Quartz six-fold crystalline facets may be compared to snowflakes falling from the heavens. Quartz when subjected to pressure and tension creates electricity, known as piezoelectricity. Quartz has an affinity for the higher realms of light, lightning energies and the light of the sun and the stars – a cosmic signature. Quartz is most related to Heavens.

The third component we exam in Granite is Feldspar. Feldspar is the pinkish white we see in Granite. It is high in alkaline salts (potassium, sodium, and calcium). Feldspar is related to Limestone, which is mostly created from the shells of tiny sea creatures. The calcium, a substance of bone and shell, helps tiny creatures make their shells. Feldspar is therefore related to the Animal Kingdom.

Let us stand Silica next to the Calcium we find in Feldspar but mostly in Limestone, we find another polarity. Silica has an affinity toward water, in all fluids in human, animal and plant are a colloidal condition formed by Silica in water, this is a carrier of energy and life. Whereas Calcium in its tendency to be used in the bones and the exoskeleton of sea creatures has a hardening, death like tendency.

Saturn, Cosmic Memory, is on the precipice of leaving Capricorn (Spiritual Hierarchies, ArchAngels, Spirits of Fire) getting ready to enter Aquarius (the dwelling place of the Spiritual Hierarchies of Angels, Sons of Life). Saturn and Capricorn both share tendencies towards the bones, hardening, death like tendencies. Adding heat in the cycle of the rock brings metamorphosis.

Granite shows us that the answer to our earlier query is – BOTH! We have signatures of life and death in Granite!

I AM living upon life and death, a primordial carrier of energy, life, light, and also hardened, with perceived death like tendencies. Is this why when Jesus upon the cross, upon the rock at Golgotha, needed for the successful penetration, the metamorphosis and evolution of humanity, the Spirit of Christ – Light of the Heavens, to penetrate to his bone? Why the blood of Christ needed to penetrate to the bone of our Mother Earth for its evolution? Christ in the etheric, in the Life Force (Living Light), comes through the Mineral Kingdom? Rudolf Steiner said, to enter the Mineral Kingdom is thee most difficult. Remember when Christ was laid in the stone tomb, there was a solar eclipse and an earthquake after where the body of Christ was taken up by Mother Earth, metabolized, as Goethe said about Granite “it rests in the earth’s metabolic system and forms the earths backbone.” I wonder does Christ in the etheric come through the Mineral Kingdom- transforming the Astral body, for the Jupiter evolution stage of earth and humanity, therein “Spirit Self” is manifest!? We have signatures of life and death in Granite!

Weaving the threads delightfully of Heaven on Earth, “The complete Rock Cycle brings to consciousness two main thought processes: Spirit. Beholding and Spirit Recollection” (Steiner, 1913, 1922; Morelli, 2015). Would Neptune as a portal for intelligence support in this Spirit Recollection? Would Saturn support Spirit Recollection in Cosmic Memory? What of Mars, would Spirit Beholding be supported as a will force by Mars? Are Neptune and Mars in Pisces talking and sharing with us our own potential, telling humanity to get back on track? Is humanity ready for new and higher possibilities of evolution? Is Mars speaking to humanity of the gift of emancipation from the tendency to uniformity that results from the effects of public opinion which are detrimental for humanities further progress on Earth?

Neptune is a portal for Intelligence of “liaison” with the extra-solar world. We know how healthy and important it is for a man to experience the world around him and to make contacts. Similarly must the Solar universe be co-ordinated into the setting of the greater cosmos. Those of the sphere, if they are assimilated properly in time, can imbue the Solar world with new and higher possibilities of evolution.”

The Drama of the Universe, Sucher, W.

Rudolf Steiner is quoted here by saying: “Thus in the Mars sphere men can be emancipated from the tendency to uniformity resulting from the effects of public opinion which are detrimental for their further progress on Earth. Whereas in earlier times Mars was said to be the planet of warlike traits, it is now the Buddha’s task gradually to transform these warlike traits in such a way that they become the foundation of the sense for freedom and independence needed in the present age. Whereas nowadays men have the tendency to surrender their sense of freedom and succumb to the fetters of public opinion, on Mars between death and rebirth they will strive to throw off these fetters and not bring them again into life on earth when they return to new incarnations.”

Steiner, R.

As Rudolf Steiner offers, “Spiritual Science should always go hand in hand with practical experience of how the mind works. It is impossible to get entirely clear about many things that we discussed unless one tries to get a kind of living grasp of what thinking involves in terms of actualities.”

Human and Cosmic Thought, Steiner, R.

In all of these delightful Cosmic, Heavenly blessings of Grace gifted, we have the presence in our dearest Mother Earth that Human Beings may hear it! If you could hear the stones, the bones of our dear Mother, what would they say to you?

Please take the time for reflection, practically apply what is shared and feel in your own heart and soul how it lands for you. I would offer, next time you lay upon the beach, walk upon the earth, stand upon Granite or any stone, reflect…. I personally would love to rest my physical backbone upon the physical backbone of Mother Earth and connect with the Kingdoms of Heaven, Plant, and Animal as one within Granite. The Mineral Kingdom holding within them these Divine treasures of many Kingdoms, I may query, how may I best serve Mother Earth and Humanity’s true evolution in truth, beauty, goodness, warmth, love, freedom and light? How about you?

Thank you for your warmth of soul in sharing with me these continuing questions that visit my consciousness. I am grateful for your kind consideration upon this journey.

Warmly, Kassandra

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