Brotherhood, Freedom and Equality!

The Templar Knight’s! Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with friends at their site of a Templar Castle here in Nova Scotia. I specifically chose today to visit this castle site as Mars and Jupiter were exactly together (conjunct) at 14° Pisces (The dwelling place of the Tenth Spiritual Hierarchy, Spirits of Love and Freedom)and the Moon, North Node and Uranus all in close conjunction in Aries. (The dwelling place of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Logos/Lamb of God). I wonder if Jupiter’s capacity for wise cosmic thinking lends itself to Mars capacity as a great talker!

“The Mars Spirits are always on the watch for what arises here or there in the universe and then they talk about it with great zest and fervour. Mars is the planetary individuality who in the course of the evolution of humanity instigates human beings in manifold ways to make statements about the mysteries of the cosmos.

Steiner, R.

What mysteries wished to be shared with us today? What did this site and especially the stones, the Mineral Kingdom wish to say to us? What cosmic memories stored in the earth are rising to meet, greet us? Previously on this site was a megalith stone with an image of the Templar Cross upon it pointing to the very well we would be connecting with. The cropping of large stones on a small hillside gave me gooseflesh every time I glanced in their direction. Rudolf Steiner talks about how “the hard, solid, present-day minerals are very much a product of the present stage of evolution. On Old Saturn, Dr. Steiner says, matter did not become material at all in our sense; it condensed from out of a purely spiritual condition into a state he describes as one of finely differentiated warmth. Just as the human being passes through embryonic stages and develops a really hard skeleton only gradually, some years after birth, so the present mineral body of the earth developed gradually through various ’embryo-like’ stages, when its substantial condition was quite different from what it is now.” John Davy

Saturn in Capricorn (which will go retrograde on June 4, 2022) brings forth Cosmic Memory. So what Cosmic wisdoms are held in our Mineral Kingdom that are reaching out for us to hear, may Human Beings hear it, from the heights to the depths? As I mentioned in my previous post of Primordial Polarity “the Spirit of Christ – Light of the Heavens, needed to penetrate to Spiritualize the mineralized bone. Why did the blood of Christ needed to penetrate to the bone of our Mother Earth for its evolution? Christ in the etheric, in the Life Force (Living Light), comes through the Mineral Kingdom? Rudolf Steiner said, to enter the Mineral Kingdom is thee most difficult. Remember when Christ was laid in the stone tomb, there was a solar eclipse and an earthquake after where the body of Christ was taken up by Mother Earth, metabolized, as Goethe said about Granite “it rests in the earth’s metabolic system and forms the earths backbone.”” How are the Templars connected to the Christ, to the Earth, to Humanity?

Water was a definite catalyst and bearer of warmth today as the rain was ever present. I was also blessed to observe the inside of the well on the property that holds many mysteries in the depths of her chalice, encircled by the grand old ladies of stones holding her in peace…. In the presence of Pisces (Water) beholding Mars and Jupiter and Aries (Fire/Warmth) beholding the Moon, North Node and Uranus, allowed for the alchemical foundation for us to enjoy a special experience standing upon the warmth of Old Saturn, and having this inspiring imagination unfold. The water seemed to be a catalyst for imbuing these wisdoms within, that now are pouring forth from my cup/chalice.

Respectfully and reverently wishing to support those in or out of embodiment at this Templar Castle site I recalled the story of Parzival. I had researched to see what celestial graces were present when Parzival was on his quest for the Holy Grail. The first time Parzival is invited by the Fisher King (Anfortas) to his nearby magical castle Munsalvaesche in Terre de Salvaesche; he sees his host Anfortas is brought in and lays ill on a cot and it is said “his life was but a dying”. A squire comes in bearing a lance/spear–blood issues from the point and runs down the shaft–the knights all weep [it is Anfortas’ blood]. The Queen enters bearing the Grail–it is a clear stone of “garnet hyacinth”–and places it before Anfortas. It is like the perfection of paradise (“wunsch”), and she who watches over it must preserve her purity and renounce all falsity. A splendid meal ensues. The Grail magically provides food and drink (as well as eternal life) in its presence. Unfortunately, the simple Parzival fails to ask about Anfortas’s illness, dumbly recalling Gurnemanz’s advice not to ask too many questions, thereby preventing Anfortas from receiving the healing he so longs for..” The second time Parzival make his way back to the castle, he has learned the importance of asking Anfortas the essential question. “the inscription that had appeared on the Grail predicting eventual relief by a second coming of Parzival. Anfortas repeatedly screams, and the stench of his wound must be ventilated from the room. He is treated with a variety of exotic remedies. Parzival arrives in Terre de Salvaesche guided by Cundrie la sorcière. The Templars receive him with joy and take the party to Munsalvaesche and the great hall. Anfortas begs them to arrange for him to die. Parzival asks “Uncle, what is it that troubles you?”, the essential question that heals Anfortas with the Lord’s help. He emerges from his sickness and Parzival is declared the new Lord of the Grail and King.” Michael McGoodwin

I charted astrologically the date of Parzival’s second visit to the castle to be Michaelmas, September 29, 835AD. On this date Mars and Jupiter were conjunct at 3° Aquarius (Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius (Angels Grace, Human Being in Balance out of will and cosmic wisdom?). I also found that the date, “if the traditional date of the Crucifixion is accepted, namely April 3rd AD33, then computer calculation shows that a like conjunction of Mars and Jupiter occurred on that date, though not in the same astrological house (Gemini not Aquarius), indicating a correspondence between the Grail Castle, with its lance that drips blood, and the Crucifixion itself. The conjunction is that of the warrior (Mars/Parzival) and the Grail King (Jupiter, king of the heavens), and the subsequent alignment of Parzival the knight with the Grail kingship itself. A.S. Kline

Linking the Templars to the Christ Being is expressed wonderfully by Rudolf Steiner; “the Order of the Templars was founded almost at the very beginning of the Crusades. we find that this Order of the Knights Templar, inwardly considered, expresses a specially deep approach to the Mystery of Golgotha on the part of modern humanity. First of all, a small number of souls who were faithful and devoted followers of Christianity gathered together at a place that lay near to the ancient Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and established there a kind of spiritual order. As we have already said, we will not consider now the more external side of the event, but will look at it from a spiritual point of view and turn our attention to what gradually began to live in the souls of the Templars. The blood of the Templars belonged to Christ Jesus — each one of them knew this — their blood belonged to nothing else on earth than to Christ Jesus. Every moment of their life was to be filled with the perpetual consciousness of how in their own soul there dwelt, in the words of Paul, “Not I, but Christ in me!”
Brotherhood, Freedom, Equality – Brotherhood is the only one that holds good for the physical body of Man. Freedom only has meaning when it is referred to the human soul, and Equality when it is referred to the spirit as it lives in Man, in the I. Only when it is known that Man consists of body, soul and spirit, and when the three ideals of the end of the 18th century are referred Brotherhood, to the body; Freedom, to the soul; and Equality, to the I, only then is one speaking in a sense and meaning that is in accord with the inner meaning of the spiritual world.

Steiner, R.

Here I find the Temple is the Human, Body, Soul and Spirit, Brotherhood, Freedom, and Equality, the Temple of Solomon, the Christ Being, the Grail Castle, the Templars Castle, an outer expression of what is truly an inner reflection. These Knights that upheld and beheld the Christ in them, held these “enduring thoughts”. Something eternal stands in these enduring thoughts, in these cosmic wisdoms, spoken to us upon the wings of Grace. Let us continue to give great thought to the Spiritual World. Rudolf Steiner adds this, Spiritual Science must see to it that mankind does not omit to grasp this spiritual thought. Therefore also must we not grow weary in warning Man again and again, lest the moment of time for the comprehension of Spiritual Science slip by and be lost.” Amen! May Human Beings Hear It!

Tomorrow morning, May 29, 2022, look to the east to see this conjunction and ask your “essential question”.

Earth Sky

Warm Blessings,

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