‘Blue Moon’ The 2nd August full moon falls on August 30/31

The 2nd full supermoon on August 30-31 will reside in the constellation of the Waterman, Aquarius and our Spiritual Hierarchies the Angels! Saturn will also be close by. The Moon is also connected to the Spiritual Hierarchies of The Angels ‘Spirits of Life’.
This will be the closest full moon to the earth (perigee), and, therefore, the largest supermoon of the year. So not only does it appear to be the biggest full moon of the year, but it also appears to be the brightest. I wonder what does this bright luminary have to share with us, what are the Angels trying to convey to us in their Heavenly message? The Angels are said to connect best with us when we are nearby a body of water, a pond, stream, lake, ocean, maybe even a sea salt bath!

Aquarius and the Spirits of Life, The Angels, hosting this ‘Blue Moon’ may be offering us the opportunity to tap into our capacity for creativity, dust off our highest ideals and hold allegiance to those high ideals. With Saturn, and Fomalhaut close by, and the New Comet expelling impure astral forces from the Cosmos and/or introducing new impulses our personal destiny may be shown through the ‘removal of the veil’. ‘A New Comet’

Consistent communication with our Angels and the spirit world helps us to navigate this earthly reality and may bring a semblance of peace. Reach out to your Angels (maybe near some water) and Good Star for guidance and support on remaining true to your highest ideals.

Where and when to look: Look for the bright, round moon in the east shortly after sunset on August 30, 2023. It’s highest in the sky around midnight. Conversely, it’s low in the west before sunrise on August 31.

Warm Blessings,

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