Club of Orion Radiates Orionid Meteors

Meteors in annual showers are named for the point in our sky from which they appear to radiate. The radiant point for the Orionids is in the direction of the famous constellation Orion the Hunter, which you’ll find ascending in the east in the hours after midnight during October. Hence the name Orionids.

You don’t need to know Orion, or be staring toward it, to see the meteors. The meteors often don’t become visible until they are 30 degrees or so from their radiant point. And, remember, they are streaking out from the radiant in all directions. They will appear in all parts of the sky.

But if you do see a meteor – and trace its path backward – you might see that it comes from the Club of Orion. And, if so, that meteor will be an Orionid. You might know Orion’s bright, ruddy star Betelgeuse. The radiant is north of Betelgeuse.

Earth Sky

The peak time of the Orionid Meteors is the morning of October 21, 2021 the day after the Full Moon in Pisces (October 20, 2021- 1pm ADT). The light of the Full moon may hinder the opportunity to view Orionid Meteors at their peak time.

There are many cultural stories about “shooting stars”. I would like to share with you this First Nations Story called “The Story of Poia”.

Once during the summer in the earliest times, when it was too hot to sleep indoors, a beautiful maiden named Feather-Woman slept outside in the tall prairie grass.

She opened her eyes just as the Morning Star came into view, and she began to look on it with wonder. She mused in her heart how beautiful it was, and she fell in love with it.

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What are the blessings of these meteors or “shooting stars”? Who is the Morning Star, Venus or Mercury? Meteors are connected with iron which is abundant on earth and in the cosmos. Mars is really the creator of iron in our planetary system. Interesting at this full Moon in Pisces we have Mars in Virgo standing directly across in an opposition. Standing very close to Mars is the Sun on one side and Mercury a little further on the other side. If we take up Rudolf Steiner’s indications for meteoric iron seen here;

Mars must be there in order that we may have the power to use iron. And iron must be there in order that we may have the power to exercise free will. Mars gives us the power of the iron; meteors, since they are all the time giving up iron to the air, supply the substance of iron. Mars is that body in the cosmos which enables us to use in the proper way that iron which the meteors and comets bring to us in an irregular manner. It is actually the force of Mars together with that of the comets and meteors which enables us to speak. …

Rudolf Steiner

we may consider the Full Moon in Pisces (the dwelling place of Humanity in the highest level of Love and Freedom) offering us the wisdom of receptivity to this gift of iron that may supplement our strength in exercising “free will” and good speech, speaking up for freedom and love, from a Divine counterpart, Mars in Virgo, standing across the cosmos spurring us to action in our day to day lives, in our work, in our service, helping us to “digest” and “metabolize” in Virgo the home of Sophia “Divine Wisdom”! Mercury is close by also giving support as he will just be returning to his direct position on the 18th, ready to pitch in and walk beside us guiding and supporting. Rudolf Steiner adds this:

Thus free will in man is produced by the Mars force and comet force. This, however, must work properly with the Mercury force within him. It is Mercury which causes in our stomach the right hydrochloric acid combination. When we ask: What is it that has a great influence on a man when he does not properly produce his hydrochloric acid, when his stomach does not function properly, we find that it is Mercury, the planet Mercury, connected with quicksilver or with copper as well as with chlorine.

Rudolf Steiner

What is the work for the Sun, oh this is brilliant! This is why I hold great respect for Rudolf Steiner:

In the cosmos, between Mercury and Mars, stands the Sun (diagram). Just as Mars is connected with iron, so is Mercury connected with quicksilver or with copper. If when there is a lack of chlorine one needs the Mars forces, and when there is a lack of copper the Mercury forces, so when the two cannot come together one needs to strengthen the working of the Sun forces which lie between them. For it is the Sun force in man which brings chlorine and iron together. And this Sun force can be stimulated by giving gold in tiny quantities. When one tries to cure with gold — naturally in specially prepared forms because otherwise it lies in the stomach and is not absorbed — one can bring Mars and Mercury together again.

So you see, in illnesses of this character three kinds of medicine come into consideration. One cannot cure the disease merely from its name, but one must give a preparation of copper or of iron taken from a plant, from spinach for example. Or gold — in the appropriate form — may be necessary to bring them together.

Rudolf Steiner

We may we look upon this as an opportunity to heal an illness. Something that is being gifted from the Divine Cosmos that is not being properly assimilated in humanity? Could it be that epidemics reveal, through humanity, an illness, a deficiency, a malnourishment?

I wonder, if we intended that from Mars we have the power of iron forces, the power to use iron, and from the meteors we have the actual iron; that with the support of Mars helping us to use that iron which the meteors and comets bring to us in an irregular manner in the proper way, our free will is living strongly in us; however needing to ensure the Mars force and the Mercury force are working together properly; if this happens, the iron that is necessary in our limbs will be at the disposal of our will, and we shall be able to use them with healthy, free will. If there is a challenge we have the Sun forces with tiny quantities of gold bringing the iron of Mars and chlorine of Mercury together! How delightful!

The Full Moon approaching gaining more light for our journey what will your intentions hold? Wishing you many blessings of a good healthy free will, in freedom, love and peace!

A tribute to all nations sing with me to the Cosmos to the World!



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