Living Life in Our Individual Rhythms – Individual New Moon

Ganymede and Hebe Vying to Serve Jupiter, Cristofano Gherardi, c. 1565. 

     My natal Sun is in the constellation of the cup-bearer, Aquarius 0 degrees.  Jupiter is currently retrograde, in the constellation of the cup-bearer, Aquarius, 3 degrees, nestling in close as dear friends. Here in the painting by Gherardi we see a picture of Hebe and Ganymede  (the cup- bearer of the gods beheld in the sky as Aquarius) vying to serve Jupiter.

     Hebe who is the goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera, was the initial cup-bearer to the gods.  The cups sweet nectar bore a gift of Ambrosia, which was said to give the gift of immortality to the consumer.  It was said Hebe may grant the aged the gift of youth/rebirth, she would keep the gods near to her young.  What of Hebe?  Why did she have to relinquish her cup bearing duties to a mere mortal, a shepherd, as beautiful as he is, Ganymede?  One story is that Hebe served well, until one day when she tripped, her dress came undone, and her breasts fell out of her dress. Apollo fired her from her job as cup bearer and she was replaced by young Ganymede.  Hebe was then married to Herakles and they had two children, Alexiares and Anicetus.  

     Ganymede is also the largest Moon in our solar system, the Moon of Jupiter (Zeus’ Roman counterpart)! Ganymede’s homeland was Troy.  I feel a very close alliance with Ganymede as Kassandra was a princess of Troy with a gift of prophecy from Apollo.  Let’s continue….  One story is that Zeus loved the youthful beauty of Ganymede and thought a mortal so beautiful belonged on Mount Olympus by his side.  An eagle abducted Ganymede while he was tending the sheep and transported him to Mount Olympus.  There Ganymede stayed by the side of Zeus, with honorable responsibility as the cup-bearer to the gods, giving the gift of this sweet nectar, the gift of immortality to the consumer.  Ganymede was offered immortality so he would keep his youthful beauty forever.  Ganymede’s family the King and Queen of Troy missed him terribly.  To curb the pain suffered by the King and Queen missing their son, Zeus placed the constellation of Aquarius depicting the young figure of Ganymede.  When his parents looked into the sky they remembered their son was in a place of honour right alongside the gods of Olympus.

      Jupiter in Aquarius (Spiritual Hierarches of the Angels gifting Life) may be viewed as Zeus close to his dearest cup bearer Ganymede, who is at home in this constellation of Aquarius.  Blessings from our Angel to our inner child?  Possibly offering the draught of remembrance from this cup-bearer?  The cosmic wisdom of Jupiter fortifying the Ambrosia, so human beings remember who they are?  Is this the gift the sweet nectar of the cup bearer for mortals, human beings?  Oh Man Know Thyself… 

   Very interesting that today happens to be my individual (unique cosmic inheritance, UCI) new Moon.  The Moon and Uranus (Zeus Grandfather) in Aries (brother of Hebe) is conjunct, meeting with, my natal Jupiter (Zeus), imparting this Cosmic Wisdom in freedom imbued upon me as a glorious gift that I may now share with you!

    The dark phase of the Moon tends to be 3 days prior to the new Moon.  I have been so tired and experiencing very disturbed sleep these past few days, which is the tendency before a new Moon in this dark phase.  Today I awake inspired with this imagination from on High.  I had this imagination of beginning to observe my life through the lens of the Moon cycle as a yearly cycle.   New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moons as an annual reflection. The vibration of the individual Moon cycle can be perceived as subtler than the collective Moon cycle because the potency of the individual Moon cycle relates to the fulfillment of individual destiny.  My Moon is in Cancer at 16 degrees (no wonder I am guided to do this, the ruler of Cancer is the Moon).  My goal is to live through the Moon cycles rhythmically throughout the year as one monthly cycle of the moon,  28.5 days over 1 year.  The new Moon individual or collective, is a time for reviewing the goals of past cycles and seeding intention for future cycles, although this is often a subconscious process, it has become very conscious in my life.  This week I am entering my UCI waxing phase until approximately the first week of February 2022, when it will be the full Moon of my UCI.  

     Another tale of this story may be that my destiny of the tenth house where the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Logos, Lamb of God reside in Aries, are gifting me with this benevolent grace from the youth dwelling within Uranus from the Old Moon time, the wisdom keepers within the Moon sphere, the Cosmic Wisdom of Jupiter, while in my first house of self the Sun in Cancer (Spiritual Hierarches of the Cherubim bringing Harmony) meets with my natal Moon to illuminate my sense of self, and Mercury close by communicates all this effortlessly through my spirit, unto my soul, impressed upon my thinking in harmonic tones that I can comprehend – here to share!  I love my life!  

     Thank you for listening and actively participating by reading these manifested Beings of words.  

Warm blessings,


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