The Blue Moon of the Cup Bearer

Ganimede,coppiere degli dei – Tuscan School
Oil Painting 17th Century

This morning’s Full Moon in Aquarius was in both sidereal, in the visible sky, and tropical, mainstream astrology.  This is considered a Blue Moon because on July 23rd the Full Moon was also in Aquarius!  The Angels are present in this dwelling space of Aquarius, this third hierarchy is one that can communicate directly to humanity especially when close to water….  Hmmm, maybe that’s why they are dwelling within the Cup Bearer gifting us with the ambrosia of the gods, granting us immortality, cosmic intelligence, if we choose to drink from the cup?

We are certainly having the gifts from the realm of the Angels spoken to us from the wise and ever loving Cosmos.  Clearly the message delivered needs to resound again!  What is that message for you?  Well, it’s up to you.  It depends on how you see the world as to what you may hear and/or see.  With the Full Moon in Aquarius for both sidereal and tropical, both associations have the gift of receiving the blessings through Aquarius!

I love saying reach for the Stars and if you land on the Moon you have still made leaps and bounds of evolutionary success.  I am a reach for the Stars kind of girl!  As you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Stars and Cosmic Wisdom!  I love our dear Mother Earth as well which is why my North Node is in Taurus to remind me to remain grounded!  So let’s bring this cosmic wisdom to the earth.

The Moon holds great wisdom, Rudolf Steiner says this “The Moon is not the mirror of the Sun’s light only, for it reflects everything that radiates upon it — the radiations of the solar light being, of course, by far the strongest. All the heavenly bodies in the universe send their rays towards the Moon, and the Moon — as a mirror of the universe — then radiates them back in every direction.

It can be said, therefore, that the universe is before us in a twofold aspect. It reveals itself in the environment of the Earth and is radiated back by the Moon. The Sun’s rays work with tremendous power in themselves and also in their reflection from the Moon. But every other radiation in cosmic space is also reflected by the Moon. There is the manifested universe and there is also its reflection from the Moon.” 

(Steiner, R. 1988)

I woke up this morning thinking of this very unique cosmic alignment.  A couple of days ago Mary Stewart Adams, I call her the ‘Starryteller’ posted a fabulous story about this Blue Moon.   she spoke of the Royal Stars of Persia!  She spoke of this Blue Moon activating the ancient cross of the celestial guardians, a rare unique opportunity!  This ancient cross has the star placements in the four fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.  These four stars are activated at different times of the year, today the third star Fomalhaut is in alignment with the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter.  Mary refers to this Star as the ‘Spear of Victory, in the South’, also known as the mouth of the fish.  The fixed signs operate by stabilizing and fixing things in place.  What is the mouth of the fish? “Fomalhaut is a star located in the mouth of the Southern Fish (Piscis Austrinus), which drinks water from the Aquarium. Pisces was the symbol of the penitent man who seeks salvation:Drinking from the Water of Life.”” (Stellar Codes)  The Spear of Victory never missed its mark.  It was the spear of Lugh the Sun God of the Celts.  An interesting find “the weapon is too hot for anyone to handle except Lugh. And the longer he uses it, the hotter it becomes. Other weapons are stored in saferooms or locked drawers, but the spear has to rest in a vat of water at night to cool down. This is critical. Should Lugh forget, the heat will grow until the spear catches fire and basically burns the world down.”

The mouth of the fish feels like a cup to me, possibly the Grail cup?  Pisces constellation is associated with the tenth Spiritual Hierarchy which is Human Being in its highest levels of LOVE and FREEDOM!  Is the cup, this royal star, offering us to drink from the water of life?  With the Moon in Aquarius radiating the Light of the Sun in Leo, by our own free will, we have the offer to take the earthly and stream it into the Divine.  Jupiter expands on this with its cosmic wisdom radiating from Aquarius, perhaps lifting humanity into FREEDOM, bringing the greater community of earth loving stability, fixing things in place, humanities divine right of living in Love and Freedom, holding high the Spear of Victory not missing its mark piercing the veil of evil so humanity may live again in Love and Freedom, holding their true course in the evolution of the world.

Warm Blessings,



Steiner, R. The Spiritual Individualities of the Planets, 1988.

Mary Stewart Adams

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