7 7 7 – July (7), 7th, 2023 (7) Venus and Mars in Leo

Today is 777, July (7), 7th, 2023( 7)…

What messages are Divinely showing up on your path, that show your wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a direct result of your positive efforts and attitude towards your life ?

From Venus we receive our “quality of heart,” Venus listens. Venus supports our inwardness, and feeling for others. and she is just moving into Leo (some may say she is already there), following her love Ares or Mars (although her true love is the earth). Leo has as emissary the Sun! The Sun nature in soul and spirit brings the blessing of imbuing warmth in the element of necessity in destiny, which transmutes destiny into freedom in its flame. Venus as a destiny forming spiritual being and Mars as a liberating spiritual being – destiny is moving closer to liberation to allow our true hearts love and wish to manifest through our will in loving freedom in the warmth of the Sun’s home Leo.

Rudolf Steiner offers this about our dear Sun, “if freedom is misused, which condenses it once more into its own active substance. The Sun is, as it were, is the flame in which freedom becomes a luminous reality in the World-All, and at the same time the Sun is the substance, as condensed ashes, in which misused freedom is molded into destiny, until destiny itself can become luminous and pass over into the flame of freedom.

Steiner, R.

Venus moving from Cancer to Leo (heart) (Spiritual Hierarchies Thrones) on this Holy day of 777 is a lovely gesture of moving closer to our qualitative heart. Cancer, (Spiritual Hierarchies Cherubim) presiding through our ribcage and breastplate, protector of our heart (the 12 ribs could be likened to the represent the 12 zodiacal beings) may sing the harmonies of our true beauty revealing our gifts to the world. Venus hearing (resonating through the harmonies) the hidden hindrance’s at the boundaries which protect our heart may bring the wisdom of our “quality of heart” forces in Leo. This loving clarity may bring us closer to true love, true values, true, resources to willingly lead a loving and meaningful life…

Steiner says this “Thus also have all the other foundations or germs of the human organs been formed by the Animal Circle or Zodiac. The heart was formed by Leo the Lion. Near the heart, the cage of the ribs, which is necessary for the protection of the heart, was called the breastplate. In the beginning a region had naturally to be formed before the inclusion of the heart. Another name for the breastplate arose, which was taken from an animal who had received such a breastplate from nature — Cancer, the Crab; that which is out in space is really called ‘breastplate,’ a protection which the Crab has from nature, hence that region was called ‘the Crab.’ It lies on one side of the Lion. The other regions of the Zodiac were named according to the same principle”

Sacred Scribe says this regarding 777 “putting that wisdom to work in your life, and the time has come to reap the rewards for your hard work and efforts. You are being commended by the angels as your successes are inspiring, helping and teaching others by example. Know that your wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a direct result of your positive efforts and attitude towards your life, and you can expect many more miracles to occur for you, both large and small.”

Joanne Sacred Scribes

God Bless! May our freedom be used constructively and become a luminous reality in the World-All. May our feeling for our self and others blossom like the revealed beauty that Mother Earth miraculously unveils for all of us to share.

Light, Love, Life,


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