Full Moon in the Sea Goat

Thursday, late evening (August 11th) we come to the midpoint of eclipses with a full Moon in Capricorn (Spiritual Hierarchies of the Archangels). Three months ago we had eclipses in April and May and approximately three months from now in late October early November we will have another set of eclipses. This Full Moon in Capricorn marks the midpoint of our life path changes… we may have begun three months ago.

This full moon will be boosted as it is in a very close relationship (conjunction) with Saturn (cosmic memory) the agent of Capricorn (Spiritual Hierarchies of the Archangels). We may be asked to have twice as much patience on our destiny path, we may be asked to further clarify firm loving boundaries, what long term dreams or goals are we manifesting, what action are we taking towards those dreams or goals, what challenges may we be asked to navigate through with discipline, responsibility, perseverance, persistence and patience while this Full Moon squares the Mars (in Taurus; Spiritual Hierarchies of the Holy Spirit), Uranus (in Aries; Spiritual Hierarchies of the Logos/Lamb of God), North Node (in Aries; Spiritual Hierarchies of the Logos/Lamb of God) meeting of last week?

Consider what new ideas, new creative inspirations you have been nurturing, reflecting upon over the past three months? What changes are you looking to integrate that now with the luminaries shining across from one another , the Sun and the Moon, and the portal of the North Node in Aries being activated that the Angels may whisper in your ear the gifts of grace to ignite a fire of inspiration and imagination supporting your integration of these ideas (if you have the ears to hear them). Here we may find a gift to cultivate independence, assertiveness, individual freedoms with Uranus, and Mars bringing the will the active force taking clear action (previously in Aries) and now Mars in Taurus brings that inspired action of your individual freedom to earth grounding it in your reality. How will you take action to integrate what was begun three months ago into our self expression (Sun in Leo)? What interesting opportunities surprisingly sprung up in your life path to further your long term plans in and around last Monday August 1, 2022 ?

What shifts and changes are you willing to make to further develop the gifts of these Spiritual Allies? All the while sustaining a harmonious balance to continue to cultivate freedom, spontaneity, excitement, with independence and creative expression grounded in developing further your life path… Are you willing to take the next steps however big or small? What ever your achievement, dream, or goal is as Lamine Pearlheart wrote, “It is little keys that open up big doors.” – On small steps leading to great achievements”

God bless us all on our destiny path. In loving gratitude for your time and warmth.

Love Kassandra

I appreciate comments that are of good thinking and good will with a strong good moral compass, thank you!

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