“The Royal Star” Fomalhaut gives, “an immortal name.”

What is that ‘twinkle’ in the eye of the Southern Fish?

The Royal Star Fomalhaut gazes upon us, within us, from the “Mouth of the Southern Fish” constellation at 03° Pisces. The stream of magical ambrosia received by this fish comes from Aquarius’ Cup. William Lilly in his Christian Astrology, page 621 says that Fomalhaut gives, “an immortal name.” The Royal Star Fomalhaut is one of four Royal Stars each associated with an Archangel watching over a direction in the cosmos. Archangel Gabriel is watching through Fomalhaut as Watcher of the South. March 24 is the Feast day celebrated for Archangel Gabriel the Holy one who according to Ptolemy, Fomalhaut, in Piscis Australis and Watcher of the South, is of the nature of Venus and Mercury. It is generally a fortunate star and indeed very powerful. On March 25, we celebrate “The Feast of the Annunciation”, which you may recall was when Archangel Gabriel visits the Virgin Mary, during which he informed her that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We are nine months ahead of what is coming towards us from the future time of Christmas 2022.

“The Feast of the Annunciation, also known as Lady Day, the Feast of the Incarnation (Festum Incarnationis), Conceptio Christi (Christ’s Conception), commemorates the visit of the Archangel Gabriel to the Luke Mary holding the energy of the Virgin Sophia, to facilatate the pouring in of the Holy Spirit, so that Mary could concieve the Son of God. Gabriel’s salutation: “Hail, Mary full of grace, the LORD is with thee” (Luke 1:28; gratia plena Dominus tecum), & Mary’s response to God’s will, “be it done to me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38; fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum). The “angelic salutation” is the origin of the Hail Mary prayer & the Angelus; the second part of the prayer comes from the salutation of Saint Elizabeth to Mary at the Visitation.”

Archer, H.

At this time in our celestial glory Neptune and Mercury (I see as esoteric Venus) are also at 3 degrees Pisces, meeting in this Great Sea with the Royal Star Fomalhaut at the “Mouth of the Southern Fish”. Jupiter is very close by at 23 degrees Aquarius, possibly we could imagine the ‘living water’, ambrosia flowing may be the cosmic wisdom that Jupiter brings. This meeting seems very auspicious. I wonder what they are meeting about? God entrusted Archangel Gabriel with the delivering of the most important message of the conception of the Son of God, as well as other messages. Because of this, he is the patron saint of messengers. What message is coming to us now? Pray we have the ears to hear it and the eyes to see it!

There is an imagination Willie Sucher shares; “To the fifth and a last group in the Zodiac belong Capricorn, the Goatfish, and the Waterman. Its centre lies near the stars which indicate the fishtail of Capricorn. Below this part of the Ecliptic is the “Great Sea” which reaches into the neighbourhood of Cetus, the Whale, and the river Eridanus. The Southern Fish with the fixed star Fomalhaut is swimming in this sea.”

The Drama of the Universe, Sucher, W.

There is an ancient celtic tale that speaks of the legend of the Salmon of Knowledge or Salmon of Wisdom (bradán feasa). It is the ancient tale of Fionn Mac Cumhail, (Mac, meaning son of) who was the leader of a heroic band of warriors and hunters called the Fianna. Fionn is one of the greatest heroes of Celtic Mythology and it all came about because of a remarkable salmon!

If we imagine the Salmon of Wisdom as the Southern Fish, where in the head of the fish resides the Royal Star Fomalhaut, we may imagine this great wisdom, the magical hazelnuts in the story liken to the ambrosia pouring from the cup of the Water Bearer into the mouth of the Southern Fish bestowing great wisdom of the world. In the story of the Salmon of Wisdom, Finegas tried to avoid looking into the salmons eyes as the story told that anyone doing so would fall deeply asleep; as the Salmon took a great leap Finegas could not avoid its gaze and immediately fell fast asleep. Fionn had seen what was happening and quickly woke Finegas before the salmon escaped. Whose destiny was it to receive this gift of wisdom? Finegas or Fionn?

In this same part of the sky Sucher, W. goes on to explain;

Pegasus and Andromeda have one star in common. It is on the forehead of Andromeda. Andromeda, associated with the first group of the five in the Zodiac, stood for that kind of human being who is overwhelmed and threatened by the spectres of the old. Wherein consists the old? It is that which at every moment of life becomes the past. Perseus rescues Andromeda, simply by petrifying the ghosts of the past with their own kin.

“As Andromeda is freed the “Winged Horse” rises from her forehead. This may be asking man to rise to “Winged Intelligence” by being prepared at any moment for new experiences and new ideas, even if they demand the disposal of cherished habits and well-preserved patterns of thought. It was the shadows of the past which threatened Andromeda and with whom Perseus had to fight. This is any – how the soundest recipe for any new beginning: take stock of your mental heritage and bury with reverence that which has served its purpose….”

The Drama of the Universe, Sucher, W.

We may reflect on the imagery of sleep and/or petrification as stillness that may allow for the germination of a new beginning. However growth after germination requires the right environment to freely bear good fruit. Are we able to allow that which is to come to new life come unencumbered by ghosts or shadows of the past? Where is our Fionn? Where is our Perseus? Look within for therein they dwell!

Mars is semi-sextile esoteric Venus which may hold a potential Divine gift that my be difficult to see clearly. Mars as consort to Venus brings her the communications from the Universe as she is only concerned with the Earth and Humanity. In Pisces dwell the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Tenth Hierarchy of the Spirits of Freedom and the Spirits of Love. Venus may be freely offering us “Winged Intelligence” an “Immortal Name”, the beauty, truth, goodness and love that we are longing for. Are we willing to receive such a holy Grace alongside the higher possibilities of our evolution? Can we bury with reverence that which has served its purpose? Is this Holy meeting bringing a subtle gift at this time of Lent when humanity has the opportunity to take up “Winged Intelligence” and “Immortal Name” imbuing the world with higher evolution?

Neptune offers this gift according to Willi Sucher;

Neptune is a portal for Intelligence of “liaison” with the extra-solar world. We know how healthy and important it is for a man to experience the world around him and to make contacts. Similarly must the Solar universe be co-ordinated into the setting of the greater cosmos. Those of the sphere, if they are assimilated properly in time, can imbue the Solar world with new and higher possibilities of evolution.”

The Drama of the Universe, Sucher, W.

Pisces according to Albert Soesman is associated with taste. Eating is a sacred affair just as culture is a sacred matter. Here we may consider this culture of ‘agriculture‘. If we eat ‘healthy cultural’ food from which we prepare the dishes that feed us, then is what we are tasting nourishing, is it wholesome or unwholesome? Your mouth is an inner room, like the ‘mouth of the fish’ are you tasting spiritual wisdom that is nourishing you, that is wholesome? Have you been eating from the ‘magical hazel nut tree’?

Sergi Prokofieff offers this;

“The ‘love of inner freedom’ or the ‘longing for liberation’ is, in Rudolf Steiner’s words, conducive to the final ‘maturation’ of ‘the etheric organ in the region of the heart’.

Liberation is the dissolving of the limits of the ‘narrow self’ and the final overcoming of all egotism and of the ‘personal’ points of view to which gives rise – this is, in truth, the path which leads man from his limited earthly ego to a real union with the Ego of the whole cosmos, as indicated in the second part of the Foundation Stone Meditation:

Where the surging
Deeds of the World’s Becoming
Do thy own I
Unto the I of the world.

The Twelve Holy Nights and the Spiritual Hierarchies, Prokofieff, S.

An opportunity has risen, to taste wholesome, healthy cultural food that nourishes our immortal name, our good star, fostering the ‘maturation’ of ‘the etheric organ in the region of the heart’.

In Pisces, Neptune, Fomalhaut, Archangel Gabriel, esoteric Venus with Jupiter close by offer the Divine Holy Graces of the magical blessings from the ‘Great Sea”. May ‘The Spirit of Truth” flood the earth and the ‘living’ water nourish us. I wish you all a real union with the Ego of the whole cosmos. “In the deepening silence, There grows and ripens, What man speaks to the stars, To Be Aware Of This Speaking Can Become Strength For Spirit Man.” May we have good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Blessed Be.

Warmth, Love and Light,


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