Detail of Zeus, Aphrodite and Eros from a painting depicting the tale of Leda and the Swan.

Venus and jupiter tonight; Look West!

Make a wish! Tonight looking west after sunset Jupiter will meet Venus or in Greek Mythology we could say Zeus meets Aphrodite.

Venus and Jupiter meet tonight, March 1 into March 2, in a conjunction which is sometimes confused with a planetary alignment. A conjunction implies a shorter than usual distance between objects in the sky, while an alignment means that planets line up in a row in the same area of the sky, as seen from the Earth.

How does this natural phenomenon have a spiritual meaning in the lives of humanity? How is this Star Wisdom our Divine inherent birthright blessing us? Such occurrences not only offer logical explanations for natural happenings that are beyond our comprehension but they are also believed to impact us spiritually and therefore in our living reality. So, many choose to practice manifestations during different phases of the moon or the alignment of planets, to make their wishes come true.

Jupiter and Venus are meeting in the sign of the Fishes, Pisces…The spiritual dwelling place of the Highest version of Humanity, Spirits of Love and Wisdom! I see this as Aphrodite (Venus) Love, and Zeus (Jupiter) Wisdom. What loving wisdom is offered to you, what loving wisdom are you willing to receive and give? Venus loves the earth and all that she brings forth abundantly, beautifully, resourcefully in loving Grace for all living beings to delight in. Jupiter brings us cosmic wisdom. Creative thoughts received from the universe radiate to us from Jupiter. Steiner, R. offers us this out dear Jupiter beings;

When efforts to bring clarity of thought to bear upon some weighty problem of existence are unsuccessful because of physical, etheric, and especially astral hindrances, the Jupiter Beings come to the help of mankind. A man who has tried hard to apply clear thinking to some problem but cannot get to the root of it, will find, if he is patient and works inwardly at it, that the Jupiter powers will actually help him during the night. And many a one who has found a better solution for some problem during the night, as though out of dream, than during the previous day, would have to admit, if he knew the truth, that it is the Jupiter powers who imbue human thinking with mobility and vigour.

Steiner, R.

Steiner, R. offers this about our dear Venus;

The truth is that human beings on Earth can do nothing in the secrecy of their souls without it being reflected back again by Venus. Venus gazes deeply into the hearts of human beings, for that is what interests her, that is what she will allow to approach her. Thus the most intimate experiences of earthly life are reflected again from Venus, in a mysterious and wonderful way.

Steiner, R.

I imagine dear Venus bringing the most intimate secrets held in the hearts of humanity and earthly life to dear Jupiter to help mankind with clarity of thought, good clear thinking. I also imagine Venus brings us the potential to accept resources, love, support, in beautiful and valuable ways to live our best dream life. Holding this imagination tonight and offering it up to Jupiter and Venus, allowing their support in manifesting this Grace unto you, is a conscious effort that brings the opportunity to plant seeds that will bear a great harvest!


March 2, before sunrise there is a Mercury-Saturn conjunction. Mercury (Mercury sphere we are dealing with moral capacity) meets Saturn (the faithful custodian of cosmic memory). This celestial event will be visible right before sunrise. You can spot both planets with the naked eye or using a pair of binoculars. Look for Mercury and Saturn in the constellation of Aquarius, the spiritual dwelling place of the Angels. Each Angel reveals to man his most intimate spiritual ideal, the highest, ideal purpose of his spiritual strivings: ‘It is indeed as if, from the beginning of his earthly wanderings, man were able to look up to a sublime Spirit, his spiritual archetype or model.’ (GA 105, 6.8.1908).

I imagine Mercury, the domain of the Masters of co-ordinative thinking, are co- ordinating with Saturn the moral capacities of humanity, in this realm of the Angels who guide humanity to their most intimate spiritual ideal, the highest, ideal purpose of their spiritual strivings. With this striving in the hearts of humanity Venus relays this to Jupiter who resolves any moral hinderances in upholding good moral capacities to achieving this most intimate spiritual ideal. Jupiter offers through clear thinking and imbuing human thinking with mobility and vigour.- solutions and resolutions awakened in humanity.

Other Cosmic ‘meetings’ to hold in your heart:

On March 12th, 2023 – Jupiter and Chiron meet in a rare conjunction in Pisces.

This transit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in touch with our wounded inner self and heal it. Chiron also working so closely with Venus and Jupiter is a good opportunity to heal relationship and emotional wounds.

March 16th, 2023 – Mercury Conjunct Sun in Pisces

We are now in the middle of the current Mercury cycle which started back in early January. A project you’ve been working on will now come to life. Some new information you get access to might help you make an important decision. The Sun working with freedom and destiny.

On March 28th, 2023 – Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces.

Mercury’s yearly encounter with Jupiter is our opportunity to go BIG in everything that Mercury stands for.

March 30, 2023 – Venus-Uranus conjunction Aries.

Some surprise encounters, resources and opportunities may set you on an exciting, new trajectory in your life. Say YES!

The Magic of March, I wish you all your best dream life, that is perfect for you!



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